Tuesday, 16 June 2009

i have been planning my days meticulously, trying to make the most of every one, filling them with adventures and ending them with yawns and tired feet. i have stayed here longer than i needed to, but it is funny that the things i have been doing have been escapes from the city. last week i went to queen's wood and highgate wood. queen's wood has a lovely café that is in a wooden lodge and i sat on the veranda for a long time looking out at the wood and feeling annoyed whenever i heard a police siren that reminded me i was only in a little slice of forest in a big grey pool. today i went to hampstead heath and sat on the famous bench with an apple then walked all across the heath and through the woods, watched the people swimming in the pond and wished i was doing that too. all the floating pollen that looked like little fairies made my eyes itch, it makes me sad that body rejects the nature of summer with watering eyes and little rashes when i love it so muc

another place to escape to is primrose bakery, so many beautiful cakes and lovely girls who give you free lemonade


p.s... i am bored and sorry for the bad digital pixel pictures all the time, i am too poor to get my films processed but i will be able to soon as i have a job as an arts and craft monitor at a summer school to teach foreign children english. i am excited because i will be living in a manor house with a swimming pool and eeeeeeeeeeee