Tuesday, 23 June 2009

honey springs



my mama bought me a lovely old book called "home notes" which was published in 1894 and i have spent all today reading it in the garden

it gives very old fashioned advice on etiquette, health & homemaking

also recipes like apple snow and candied violets and beautiful drawings & poems

have you ever heard of the wonderful land
the dear land of make believe
where the rivers have beds of golden sand
and the clouds al day are rainbow spanned
where every good girl at a world's command
may summon a beautiul fairy band

why sweet little fairies with silver wings
wearing satin slippers and diamond rings
and, they say, every time the south wind brings
good boys and girls the fairy queen sings

and takes them down to the honey springs
if they never never decieve
but then, if the children become bad
the fairy queen grows silent and sad
and folds her feathers to leave
after tying the bows in her apron strings
in the land of make believe

in this wonderful land far over the seas
in the land of make believe,
they have toffee horses and toffee trees
and the sugar cows are taking their ease
lashing their tails in the peppermint breeze
or standing about right up to their knees
where the cocoa billows heave

there the kittens all fly - they never climb
everything has a magnificent time
as happy as adam and eve
and every story comes as you please
in the land of make believe